How To Determine The Shape Of Your Face

Face Shapes

Much like accomplishing the ideal chaotic bun or acing fluid eyeliner, making sense of your face shape sounds significantly simpler than it really is. What’s more, obtaining such huge numbers of items (like shades) or making sense of the best haircut for you (we’ve been there) depends on this tricky shape that isn’t completely easy to get it. If you’ve at any point attempted the stunt of following your face in the mirror, just to be left gazing at a squiggly mass that takes after a puddle or cushioned cloud more than any kind of unmistakable shape, we feel you.

In this article, we will share many interesting facts with you like how to figure out your face shape and some makeup tips for particular face shape.

Instructions To Make Sense Of Your Face Shape

There’s not a set-demand in which you should comprehend your face shape. In any case, we’re going to demonstrate to you the most predominant procedure. Security in bigger gatherings, right?

  • Stage 1: Check The Broadest Point

Find The Widest Part Of Your Face

Proportional: If your face is equal in width all completed, you likely have a round face.

Cheekbones: If the most broad reason for your face lines up with your cheekbones, you may have a gem or heart-shaped face. In case your cheekbones and sanctuary are also wide, will undoubtedly appear at any rate a touch of generosity framed face, while if your temples and jaw are littler, you may wear a gem shape.

Jaw: If your jaw is the most extended motivation behind your face, it’s sensible you have a square, or square shape framed a face.

Sanctuary: If your forehead is the most extended motivation behind your face, narrowing down to your jaw, you may have an oval or heart-framed face.

Be confused? Try not to push; we should proceed!

  • Stage 2: Asses The Jaw Shape

Jaw Shape

Square: If your jaw is progressively squared by then, stun, you in all probability have a square framed face (we know, amazing stuff!)

Pointed: If your facial structure is pointed, you may have a gem or heart-shaped face.

Sensitive: If you have a gentler, progressively balanced facial structure, you doubtlessly have an oval or (you got it) round framed the face.

  • Stage 3: Measure The Length

Length Of Your Face

Short: If your face is imperceptibly shorter than it is wide, you may have a square or balanced face.

Long: If your face is longer than it is wide, you in all probability have a long or oval face shape.

Medium: If your face is about equal length and width, you’re likely going to appear at any rate a touch of graciousness shaped, or gem framed the face.

Face Shapes And Makeup Tips

Female Face Types

To look runway prepared, you should get your cosmetics, right! We as a whole have diverse face shapes and to look perfect and camera prepared, we should feature and complement the correct pieces of our face. Some face shapes need to look somewhat extended and a few needs to attract regard for their facial structure. Here’s a manual for the assistance you get the ideal look according to your face shape.

1 Round

Round Face Shape

Eyebrows: Thicker foreheads will look incredible on you.

Nose: You need to make your face look progressively etched and sharp. Thus, apply a bronzer on the sanctuaries of your temple and underneath the facial structure. To draw consideration away from your plump cheeks, utilize a highlighter on your temple, under your eyes, your nose, and your jaw.

Cheekbones: Avoid brilliant hues on the apple of your cheeks rather utilize a darker become flushed in an upward stroke with a cosmetics brush to give a thinning impact.

Lipstick: Go for darker shades that will feature your lips diverting one’s consideration from your rotund cheeks and round petite casing of the face.

Best Hairstyles: Try to keep your hair longer. Go for long blasts, long bounces and mid-length haircuts. Relax for your face of seeming slimmer.

2 Square

Square Face Shape

Eyebrows: Avoid selecting great characterized foreheads regardless of which shape you like to tweeze them into.

Nose: Apply a highlighter lighter than your skin tone in the focal point of your brow and under the tip of your jaw and on the sides of your nose. Mix it well.

Cheekbones: Use a darker shade of becoming flushed to feature your cheekbones and go for a gentler shade on the apple of your cheeks.

Lipstick: A striking red is your go-to shading to make your lips looks wild.

Best Hairstyles: You should attempt long, smooth styles with layers that begin at the facial structure. Likewise, long side-cleared blasts can remove consideration from your rakish facial structure and spotlight on your eyes. Actually, styles that take care of behind the ears likewise function admirably in light of the fact that they hotshot your great cheekbone structure.

3 Diamond

Eyebrows: You can try different things with meagre curve moulded eyebrows.

Nose: You should target attracting consideration regarding the focal point of your face and away from your pointy jaw. Utilize a featuring powder or a fluid establishment on the temple, at the scaffold of your nose, and at the focal point of the jawline will work for you.

Cheekbones: Accentuate your cheekbones by applying a bronzing powder or an establishment that is darker than your skin tone on the underside of your cheekbones.

Lipstick: Pick a vintage shading, for example, maroon and burgundy to give their look a strong yet retro edge that will be extra for their character.

Best Hairstyles: Go for twists or rough finishes as they make your face look adorable. You can even go short since that will supplement your face shape great. Truth be told, you can even attempt a long bounce. Those are phenomenal decisions for this face shape since they can mollify the facial structure.

4 Oval

Oval Face Shape

Eyebrows: Go somewhat smooth on your eyebrows. Keep the common shape. Try not to overcompensate them by attempting angled eyebrows as that will cause your face to seem progressively oval. Additionally, don’t make your foreheads excessively thick or excessively dim. Keep it straightforward.

Nose: Most ladies with oval face shape have an unpolished nose. In this way, you need to make it look extended and smooth. Apply the establishment all over and after that apply some bronzer in favour of your nose from start to finish to make your nose look sharp and very much characterized.

Cheekbones: Rouge can do ponders on an oval-moulded face since it will help make your face look less plump. Apply become flushed on the shapes and on the sides of your cheeks yet abstain from applying it on the apple of your cheeks.

Lipstick: Never feature your lips in the event that you have an oval face cut. You can explore different avenues regarding various shades of naked or even go for a gleaming tint. These will emphasize your grin and mix well with your face making you look increasingly alluring.

Best Hairstyles: From beachy waves to a rakish weave, you can evaluate any hairdo that shows off your jaw. You’d look extraordinary in slicked-back pigtails as well.

5 Heart

Heart Face Shape

Eyebrows: Keep your foreheads flawlessly tweezed and attempt to keep thicker temples. Try not to give them a chance to look counterfeit on you. Keep the shade of the foreheads as it, just obscure them for more effect.

Nose: The secret to looking pretty is by attracting consideration regarding your facial structure. In this way, go for an establishment, which is a shade darker than your skin tone and apply it appropriately on your facial structure. Utilize a highlighter at the focal point of your jawline, front of your brow, and over your nose.

Cheekbones: Apply a bronzer to shape your cheekbones by following the empty of your cheeks. Utilize an unobtrusive shade of reddening to the apple of your cheeks.

Lipstick: A furious orange can start up your whole look by giving you enough shading to make a buzz around. You can look exquisite by simply wearing the correct shading at the ideal time and utilizing lip plumper to make your lips look striking.

Best Hairstyles: You can go for side cleared blasts or edges till your eyebrows. You can nail the pixie hairstyle. Indeed, a short bounce also will look phenomenal on you. Additionally, a profound side part with free twists will look too rich on you.


6 Rectangular

Rectangle Face Shape

Eyebrows: You should target making your face look marginally round. Thus, curve your eyebrows to make them stick out. Make them intense with a temples pencil in order to attract regard for your brow than your long facial structure.

Nose: Blunt the sharp tense highlights like your nose. Apply a bronzer on the highest point of your nose bone, rather than shadowing in favour of your nose.

Cheekbones: must play with two shades of becoming flushed on your cheeks. Apply light pink with respect to your cheeks that you suck in. This will help make your cheeks look plumper. Apply dim rose shade on the apple of your cheeks.

Lipstick: Soft hues like inconspicuous pink will suit your face the most by causing your face to seem more full. Such hues will give you to a greater degree a dewy look and will feature all the consideration on your lower face structure than the upper offsetting your whole face shape.

Best Hairstyles: Try short-to-medium length hair. You can likewise attempt layers around the face to diminish your precise highlights.


Some magnificence guidelines are extremely obsolete. I think redheads look great in red lipstick, for instance, and I’d never reveal to you that you can’t stir up your warm and cool tones. Be that as it may, with regards to face shapes, I think a touch of excellence rule-following is more than alright!

At that point there’s cosmetics. Ever considered why you incline toward emotional smoky eyes to a brilliant strong lip, or the other way around? It may have to do with your face shape, since underlining one component can make the dream of completion where it’s definitely not. Your face shape likewise directs where you put your form and additionally become flushed—or on the off chance that you even need to utilize them by any stretch of the imagination.

How To Determine The Shape Of Your Face

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